Buckley Systems is

BSLbuildingNEWA New Zealand based engineering manufacturer with offices in Auckland and Boston that employs a personnel of over 240 staff.

We consume over 500 tons of steel, 20 tons of aluminium and 65 tons of copper per month.

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MarketsNEWBSL is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of precision electromagnets to over 80% of the world's market.

BSL products are used in technologies that you use every day, from computer chips, flat screen televisions, whiteware, medical systems and particle accelerators

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Our Facilities

FacilitiesNEWWe have the largest machine shop in New Zealand that is capable of manufacturing to extremely small tolerances. We specialise in 5 axis Laser Cutting, Lamination Pressing and Bonding Equipment, Welding and Fabrication, Friction Stir Welding Licence and Wire Cutting.

Our Coil Manufacturing facilities are State of the Art and our Integration and Testing facilities are second to none.

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