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Our People

Ingenious at work

Without a doubt, Buckley Systems Limited ongoing success is driven by our talented and committed staff. As an employer of 300+ people, we have both depth and breadth of skill within our management, manufacturing, design, technical and support teams to meet any challenge. 

We count one of them as our founder. Still a constant presence on the manufacturing floor, Bill Buckley’s talent and vision has endured for five decades and continues to be sustained by our team of world-class engineers, physicists, project managers, technicians, designers and manufacturing specialists. Every day we question the impossible and consistently innovate solutions for our customers that truly do represent the heart of what we are - Ingenious at Work. Our Board of Directors - Bill Buckley, Janice Urlich and Dr Nigel Evans – share a deep knowledge of Buckley Systems Limited, its past successes and future potential. The Board performs the traditional functions of overseeing governance, monitoring risks and leading the strategic direction. Additionally, the board successfully harnesses the passion and drive within the organisation needed to support our unwavering commitment to build the best products.

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Executive Team

Working collaboratively to build Buckley Systems Limited into an effectively managed, enduring leadership organisation is our handpicked Executive team. The goals of this group include fostering a culture of innovation and ingenuity while ensuring the company has the resources needed to design, manufacture and deliver quality products on time, on budget and beyond expectation.

Commercial Team

Understanding and respecting our clients’ commercial realities is paramount. From estimations and quoting, controlling a complicated supply chain, managing large-scale projects and ensuring that commercial agreements deliver win-win outcomes, this is the team dedicated to best commercial outcome.

Advanced Systems Design and Test Team

The Advanced Systems Design and Test group is dedicated to finding optimised, cost effective technical solutions which ensure products meet specification. Working collaboratively, the capabilities of this team span physics and mechanical design, research and development. It also encompasses magnetic testing and analysis utilising the latest 3-D FEA tools and a fully equipped magnetic measurements lab.

Manufacturing Team

Turning the designer’s dream into a practical reality is the key focus for our top team of Manufacturing experts. This team lives and breathes scheduling, planning, machining, electro coil manufacture, integration, problem solving and the many intricate and unique production processes that go into building a top class quality product.

Finance and Support Team 

The Finance and Support team integrates all other functions within Buckley Systems Limited. They meticulously perform the many specialised tasks needed to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency. These activities include transaction processing, analysis, planning, investment, risk management, regulatory compliance, reporting and the efficient management and development of resources.

People Team

We believe that our company culture is the foundation of our future. Highly skilled, motivated, productive people are at the heart of what we do at Buckley Systems Limited. The People team design and deliver programmes and services to ensure an engaged workforce is retained, safe, developed and ready to meet the challenges of our market; delivering on our brand promise – Ingenious At Work.

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