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Design & Physics

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Electromagnetic Design


With more than 35 years of experience and technical expertise, we are the industry leaders in magnetic modelling and particle tracking.

Buckley Systems Limited has invested in Opera multi-physics finite element modelling codes, including static and time varying magnetic solvers. Whether validating the harmonic errors of synchrotron magnets, or developing the ion optics of a spectrometer, you can be confident your magnetic components will work first time.


We employ a full in-house team of physics and specialist engineering staff. We also have working partnerships with multiple scientific consultants, including D-Pace, who bring expertise in ion optics, beamline design, ion sources, beam diagnostics and vacuum systems.


Theory is most powerful when backed by experience. Our in-house magnetic design team is highly integrated with our magnetic testing lab. We have a depth of experience in validating our models, and decades of experience building tens of thousands of magnets.

This allows us to consistently make the smartest choices regarding manufacturability, efficiency and repeatability, from the first stages of design through to production.




Our engineering and drafting teams are fully dedicated to particle beam and accelerator systems including magnets, vacuum chambers and support structures. We use SolidWorks premium 3D CAD software, and have extensive knowledge of specialist materials, to quickly develop and evaluate an optimal, reliable solution.


After working with hundreds of international customers, Buckley Systems Limited has developed highly flexible drawing and data management systems, which can be tailored to fit seamlessly with your own. We also understand that unexpected changes can be inherent to the design process. When design goals shift our engineering team rapidly adapt the solution to fit.


Buckley Systems Limited has a range of unique machine capabilities. We can help you to appropriately use our cutting edge manufacturing technologies to meet your needs for precision, cost and repeatability. We can recognise common pitfalls and obsolete techniques, and steer you towards a more reliable and modern design.