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2018 Publications

N. Savard, D. Potkins, J. Beaudry, A. Jiresek, C. Duzenli, C. Hoehr, Characteristics of a Ce-Doped Silica Fiber Irradiated by 74 MeV Protons, Radiation Measurements 114
(2018) 19–24.

N.Savard, C. Penner, M. Dehnel, D. Potkins, C. Hoehr, "Characteristics of a Ce-Doped Silica Fiber Irradiated by 0 - 400 MeV Neutrons", IEEE Sensors 2018 Conference, New Delhi, October 28-31, 2018, In Press.

2017 Publications

D. E. Potkins, M. P. Dehnel, N. Lobanov, T. Kubley, O. Toader,"UniBEam-Beam Profiler For Beam Characterization and Position Feedback" in Proc. IBIC 2017, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, August 2017, in press.

2016 Publications

D. E. Potkins, S. Braccini, K. P. Nesteruk, T. S. Carzaniga, A. Vedda, N. Chiodini, J. Timmermans, S. Melanson, M. P. Dehnel, 'A Low-Cost Beam Profiler Based On Cerium-Doped Silica Fibers', CAARI 2016.  IN PRESS.

2015 Publications

M.P. Dehnel et al, "A 250Hz AC Scan Magnet for High-Power Radioisotope Production and BNCT Applications", IPAC2015, in press, Richmond, VA, USA, May 2015

M.O.A El Ghazaly, M.P, Dehnel, P. Defrance,"Development of a High Resolution Analyzing Magnet System for Heavy Molecular Ions",CAARI 2014, Physics Procedia 66, ScienceDirect, pp. 10-15, 2015.

F. Alrumayan, A. Alghaith, A. Hendy and M. Dehnel A Comparative Study between Simulated and Measured Beam's quality of 30 MeV Cyclotron at KFSHRC, Proceedings of the 3rd International Beam Instrumentation Conference, "IBIC 2015”, 13-17 Sept., Melbourne, Australia.

2014 Publications

M.P. Dehnel, P. Jackle, D.Potkins, T.Stewart, G. Boudreault, T. Jones, C. Philpott, S. Lockwood, "A Mini-PET Beamline for Optimized Proton Delivery to the ISOTRACE™ Target System", WTTC 2014, in press, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2014.

2013 Publications

M.P. Dehnel et al,An Integrated Self-Supporting Mini-Beamline for PET Cyclotrons, Proceedings of Cyclotron 2013, pp. 251-253, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sept. 2013.

M.P. Dehnel et al,A Specialized High-Power(50kW) Proton Beamline for BNCT, Proceedings of PAC13, pp. 116-118, Pasadena, CA, USA, Oct 2013.

2011 Publications

M.P. Dehnel, Why Use Beamlines in PET Radionuclide Production?, XII Turku PET Symposium, p. 33, Turku, Finland, 2011.